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5 Ways To Make Money With AI Generated Images

Are you looking for new ways to make money? Maybe you’ve heard that images can sell, but you don’t know where to start. 

AI-generated images are changing the game. Making money with AI-generated images opens up a world of possibilities. One cool thing about these images is they can fit many needs, from websites needing pictures to folks wanting unique art. This blog will show you five exciting ways AI-created pictures can earn cash for you.

Ways to Make Money With AI Generated Images

Sell images on stock photo websites

You can make money by selling your AI-generated images on stock photo websites. Adobe Stock is a great place to start because it’s the only major platform that welcomes AI-created content right now.

They give you a 33% commission for each image someone downloads. This means you could earn between $0.33 and $26.40 for every single picture of yours that gets downloaded! Plus, some photos sell for a lot, up to $656 Canadian if it’s a big one or $328 for smaller versions.

To get started, all you need to do is set up an account on Fill in your profile details and start uploading your pictures. It’s a simple way to turn those cool images you create into cash.

Create print-on-demand products

Another exciting way to make money with AI-generated images is by creating print-on-demand products. This approach lets you put your unique digital artwork onto items like t-shirts, mugs, and more without needing to keep any inventory.

Popular places to sell these items include Teespring, RedBubble, Printful, and Printify. They handle everything from printing to shipping. Plus, Etsy’s huge monthly traffic offers a great platform for sellers looking to reach a wide audience.

Starting a t-shirt business can be easy with sites like Zazzle, Teepublic, and Society 6. You just upload your designs and choose which products you want them on. Then sit back while the platform does the rest—creating custom products whenever someone orders one of yours.

It’s a smart way to earn passive income as your AI designs turn into real-world merchandise that people can enjoy every day.

License images

Artists can make good money by allowing businesses to use their art. They do this either directly or through agencies that sell stock photos.

Companies often need pictures for websites, ads, and more. By licensing your artwork, you give them the right to use it in exchange for payment.

Some artists choose agencies that deal with stock photos because it’s easier. These agencies handle everything and pay the artist a part of what they make from selling the image rights.

Direct deals with businesses can also be profitable but might need more work to find and manage these agreements. Either way, artists get paid whenever someone wants to use their creations commercially, making licensing a smart choice for generating income from digital art.

Create and sell online courses

Teaching online courses is a smart move. You can use AI-generated images to make your lessons more engaging. Sites like Udemy and Skillshare are great places to start. They let people from anywhere learn new skills.

You could teach how to create AI art or even how to sell it online.

By making your own course, you share your knowledge with others. This also helps you earn money from anywhere in the world. It’s a mix of elearning and digital learning that makes education fun and accessible for everyone.

Plus, you become part of the growing online education trend, reaching out to students across the globe interested in virtual learning and web-based training.

Write an eBook or blog about AI image generation

Writing an eBook or blog about AI image generation is a smart way to earn money. You can share your knowledge and tips on creating art with artificial intelligence. Many people want to learn this skill.

By sharing what you know, you can help them start making their own AI artwork. You could sell your eBooks or use blogs to make income through ads, affiliate links, or selling related products.

Blogging platforms like Medium,, Substack, or even your website are great places to start. Some bloggers earn over $2K a month this way.

Tools and Platforms for AI Image Generation

Creating images with AI is easier now, thanks to cool tools out there. Some popular helpers include Midjourney, PopAi, and Leonardo. They help you make awesome art without needing to be an artist yourself.


Midjourney stands as a unique platform in the generative art space. For just $10 a month, artists and creators get access to its subscription-based service. Here, they can message the MidJourney bot, type in their prompts, and watch as AI-generated images come to life before their eyes.

This tool offers an easy entry into artificial intelligence artwork and paves the way for countless creative possibilities.

This chatbot-powered image creation tool blends artificial intelligence with user prompts to craft visuals that are both stunning and unique. Users find it invaluable for generating custom imagery without needing deep technical skills or artistic training.

Whether you’re into creating visuals for personal projects or looking to offer something fresh in your professional work, Midjourney opens up new horizons in AI image generation effortlessly.


PopAi pro is a powerful tool for those into AI and image creation. This platform doesn’t just stop at basic image creation. It goes further by offering tools for generating digital art on an AI canvas and producing visuals perfect for any project or business need.

Using this Ai image generator, you can get cool images without waiting forever. Imagine having an idea and seeing it come to life in pictures almost right away! That’s what PopAi offers. 


Leonardo stands out with its cutting-edge artificial intelligence that makes creating art, images, and videos easy. With this tool, users get access to a wide range of services. These include making new images, adding cool textures in 3D, crafting marketing materials, designing graphics, and improving photos with AI.

It’s like having an artist and photographer all rolled into one software.

Whether it’s for personal use or to help your business stand out with unique marketing solutions, Leonardo has got you covered. Its versatility makes it suitable for graphic designers and marketers looking to elevate their visual content generation game.


Many ways exist to earn with AI-generated images. You can sell these images online, make custom stuff, or even teach others how to create them. Each method is simple and effective, making it easy for anyone to start. This opens doors to new earning possibilities using your creativity and tech skills. So go ahead, try these ideas and see where your creativity takes you! Your next big opportunity might just be a click away with AI art.

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