How to Play the Dating Game With Guys Who Can’t Commit

Rather than dating men who can’t commit, try being unpredictible to surprise him and force him to play differently.

Players are masters at making plans and then breaking them. Give them an eyeful by informing them that you have other arrangements for the evening.

1. Don’t be afraid to go off script.

When playing the dating game with a man, sometimes going off script is necessary in order to keep his interest.

For instance, if he’s an anxious texter who panics when your reply takes longer than anticipated, try texting him more slowly to make him question his dependency on instantaneous replies. Doing this may make him reconsider his reliance on instant messages as much.

Make an impressionful statement about what makes you unique by doing something unexpected – making an unannounced visit to his workplace or sharing something about yourself that may surprise him!

Remember the goal of any dating game is fun! Don’t take yourself so seriously; after all, it’s just a game–but one that could help you win your ideal partner! Just don’t use it as an excuse for treating him unfairly.

2. Make him feel uncomfortable.

Many men play games simply to gain what they want; if you can make them uncomfortable enough, however, this will force them to put forth more effort into your relationship. You could do this by suggesting they no longer have your attention at their beck and call; another tactic might be politely ignoring or dismissing their requests altogether.

Remain mysterious to make them uncomfortable. Men love it when women keep things secret for as long as possible; doing this forces them to work hard at getting you to share parts of your life with them. Send a text message intended for someone else instead – giving the impression that you don’t depend on him and have your own life apart from him will cause them to reconsider playing you!

3. Don’t be afraid to play hard to get.

While playing hard to get can be an entertaining way to spice up a relationship, it’s essential not to overdo it. Doing so could cause your crush to think you don’t care for them and will ultimately result in them stopping pursuing you altogether – potentially leading to further pain for both parties involved!

Playing hard to get can cause you to appear desperate for love, which will turn off your crush; they won’t want to deal with someone who always demands their attention.

Playing hard to get is usually effective when seeking long-term relationships; however, for short-term flings it may not be the best approach. Instead, focus on building trust and creating a solid foundation within the relationship – this will ensure it lasts longer, leaving both partners happier in the end – plus you won’t risk getting dumped!

4. Don’t be afraid to be yourself.

When playing the dating game, it is key to remain authentic. Otherwise, you will never attract the kind of love that you desire. Mind games can be enjoyable but should only be used when necessary and in proper context.

Dating games often play on people’s fears of being hurt, rejected or losing control. Though such fear-based approaches can work to attract certain individuals initially, they’re ultimately unhealthy and counterproductive in the long run.

Instead of playing mind games, try being yourself and having fun. If you’re unhappy, no one else will be either! Focus on what makes you different and pursue whatever passions make you shine: be it politics, literature or molecular engineering; pursue whatever piques your interest – men love smart women!

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